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My interpretation of this Bible verse Matthew 16 reflects on my walk in Self-discovery. It reminded me of my purpose coming to the forefront of my being as I walk in oneness with Jesus following God’s Way.

In this verse, Jesus talks of the Pharisees and Sadducees needing proof of his existence much like the judicial system relies on evidence as a basis of truth. The problem with this system is that proof can be planted to sway the jury to the left or right. Jesus warned his disciples to beware of the hametz of the Pharisees and Sadducees who need proof as a measure of belief or truth. Remember that Satan tested Jesus during his 40-day fast. Let this verse serve as a reminder that proof is not always sufficient as a measure of a validity. Thus, truth is in the eye of the beholder especially when only 1% of the world can be proven by scientific measures.

This verse encourages me to have more faith in the unseen world and the miracles that exist there. This verse discusses the power in believing without evidence because even when given evidence doubt still occurs. Overcoming doubt takes developing an unshakeable faith despite evidence and without the evil occurrences that try to deceive and cast away your faith. When miracles occur without the usual scientific explanation then one believes in an instant without a doubt because their eyes are the proof and their testimony. And surely, their eyes can’t lie to them. Only then do non-believers believe in the unseen power of God. But we should remember that God gifts in many ways and portions. Just as God reveals himself to many people in different ways and manners.

Discovery of Purpose Requires Evidence

I remember the times I needed proof to think outside the box. Before I developed a skeptical mind, there were times I believed everything without objection. For at least the last 15 years. I have questioned everything with the prefix, “No, I don’t believe that.” In the past, some things I would ask why a thousand times and still not receive a viable answer.

In the 5th grade, while attending Simmons Elementary, I remember the one concept that the teachers and administration could not get me to believe. It was the story of Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. Keep in mind that I already knew by the age of 5 that Santa Klaus was not real. Because one Christmas eve, I was acting like I was sleep when my aunt and mother came in with our presents, I knew that they lied to me about Santa and Christmas, so the cat was already out the bag. So, any other lies and make believe coming through by age 10 would need to be veiled in such a way as not to never allow my gift of discernment to shine through casting a light on its deception.

So, I remember the nonbelievers at school had to re-watch the movie, A Christmas Carol and endure countless rounds of brainwashing to begin to understand the meaning behind the Scrooge story. Keep in my mind it took me about 25 years to understand its meaning. The Christmas Chronicles helped me come to terms with the meaning behind Christmas. But to this day, I would rather people communicate the power in communion with God to receive Gifts rather than a tainted figure like Santa Klaus.

I remember watching the movie, A Christmas Carol and resonating with both characters scrooge and the family who was poor and could not afford to not work on Christmas. I remember asking the teachers like a thousand whys that were never answered and thus I never believed in the power of Christmas until I was about 11 years old. When I received toys that would exemplify my love of living and eventually reveal my purpose. I received my first music cd of Destiny’s Child in 1997, a microscope and telescope. I tell you God must have really been speaking to my mother and aunt to give me the perfect gifts. These gifts, unbeknownst to me at the time, would serve as the best gifts to keep me focused and away from the bad influence the new neighborhood (projects), provided. It would also inspire me to support Christmas again in 2007 and give great gifts to family members. And I would get a glimpse into how God feels when we don’t show humble, heartfelt gratitude for all our gifts and blessings. It would also serve as the theme behind an initiative for a chapter of my nonprofit serving impoverished and forgotten youth.

This is a testimony that the past, if you allow it, really affects your present and the future. It opens the way for so many awe-inspiring moments to enhance the lives of so many affected by negativity. So, when Kim Burrell says in her song, Lift Jesus, when the enemy comes tell the lord thank you. That verse has so many meanings. The devil’s tempting and negative affects are sanctioned by God and are only allowed by God and can always be used for your good. So, I am not kidding when I say the first time it took 6 years to believe in Christmas again. Then I fell out of love and it took 15 years to fall back in love with Christmas. Interpretation is truly everything. It’s the reason behind your actions and beliefs.

Needing Signs for Intellectual & Law Discovery

I remember when I first dipped my toe in the rabbit hole and learned about the law versus legal arguments that exist in America. I began learning about history and how minority persons were labeled as 3/5ths of a human being in the eyes of U.S. Constitution. It opened my eyes to some truths and old ways of living. And I got deeper and deeper like muddy quicksand into the old ways of living. It was a necessary step on my journey, but I sometimes wonder if it was the right step. At times I wonder what would occur if certain elements from my past are practiced in the present. Don't misunderstand I know my past existed for a reason. It was designed that way before my manifestation from the womb.

There are so many interpretations that one can entertain, but the main one that stays consistent is the right order of things to manifest in life. It is known that when Jesus was teaching about the Essene Gospels of Peace, he had 2 separate groups. One was for all believers. And the other was for a selected group most likely his disciples. This reminds me of the way of masonry where a select group of people learned truths that were not widescale and acceptable by most of the population.

We must remember that everything ain't for everybody. I had to learn that the hard way in so many ways. This would be the precursor to secret societies that are known to exist today. One truth is relevant here in my past walk on the "dark side". Some things that God reveals is meant only for you and not to be shared with the masses. It’s based on your individual relationship, understanding, and requests made to God. There are levels to everything on the Earth and in the Heavens. As above, so below comes to mind. Just as God has designed His kingdom in a hierarchy, the lower region of this world reflects the same type of hierarchy. The Heavens were created in the following succession: God, Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Sprit Guides/Guardian Angels. We must commune with them with God's permission if we expect to receive optimal rewards as we walk in our divine purpose.

Needing Signs for Miracles and Decoding the Unseen Realm

During my trips to the psyche ward, being tapped into the unseen world by God, and experiencing countless visions to denote pieces of time in the future that have come to pass, I have seen a lot and I’m sure it is only the beginning of tapping into the gifts I was given by the Creator. Without those signs, I'm uncertain if I would blindly believe in the miracles that Jesus was able to perform. I have seen things that are deemed impossible because it has not been validated by the masses. And thankfully so. I would rather know and believe than to just believe or just know.

In writing this, I am shocked at my bluntness and gratitude for an uncontrollable experience. Seeing and hearing God, negative entities and being tempted by demonic adversaries, one can see that I am under the protection of my Guardian Angels because I am still here. This is because of the gracious power of God who has saved me each time. About 6 months ago, I questioned why. Now I think I know the cause. So now it’s time to produce results to show the world why with the effects.

I hope this bible verse and my interpretation leads you to changing your habits and beliefs as it relates to discerning the good virtues and righteous actions of God and the unseen realm.

Prayer Moving Forward

Oh God, let us pray for all people to come into the fold of your love, mercy, and grace. Help us to see every event in our life as one that was controlled and ordained by you. And no matter how hard pressed the challenge of living may be, let us rejoice in the fact that we are on this side of living. Let us welcome the highs and lows of living so that we can behave upright and just according to your Word, Will and Way. Let this be so; so we may enter your holy and abundant kingdom and be able to see your face. In your holy name we pray. In Christ Yeshua we pray. Amen Amen.

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