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My First Encounter with the Spirit Realm

Updated: Jul 7, 2022


What a shame it is not labeled a special gift. But instead it is referred to as schizophrenia or some other mislabeled mental condition by institutions who may or may not understand the origins of spiritual gifts. The following is an account of one of my first visions.

So journaling can be hard for me. Every time I start, I am bombarded with a past memory of my private thoughts being hacked by members of my family. I remember great aspects of journaling like releasing my thoughts onto paper to chronicle a period of my life and capture whatever emotions accompanied that moment.

I enjoyed journaling since age six, but that love was quickly buried when my journal was stolen by family members who demanded that I open it and share. I remember a presence in the basement guiding me to write down what I was feeling. I received the notion to write certain experiences in a journal. Some would call this spirit a guardian angel, a demonic spirit, or even a hallucination.

Whatever you call it, I know that lovely and malevolent spirits encounter us. Both have instructed me to do things throughout my life. So I choose to believe that spirits that warn or protect you from what's to come is the Holy Spirt, Guardian Angel or ancestral guide that is connected to our Heavenly Mother-Father-God. So there is no shame in my desire to listen and follow the instructions of this voice or gentle nudge.

So back to the story.

I remember my guardian angel instructing me to hurry up and hide the book as I was writing my journal entry because someone was coming downstairs. Keep in mind I did not hear anyone coming, but I hid the journal before family members came downstairs in my lair (basement).

They came downstairs very frustrated and argumentative as if divinely led and interrogated me. They asked what I was doing downstairs and I said nothing I'm sure while looking in the direction where I hid the diary. So quickly they found it and demanded that I give them the key to open it. I refused, but they snatched it and opened it. When they opened and read it, they insisted that it was a lie.

It truly hurt because I had written some deep dark secrets in that journal. I insisted that it was all true and they took my journal. It's funny how life works because this event foreshadowed what would transpire in about 9 years. This event would shape the rest of my life and cause an injury that would open the gateway or portal to an ethereal realm. This head injury would allow me to experience the most vivid dream like visions in a waking state that would provide warnings of the future when analyzed during a less enlightened state.

So I recount this memory to highlight the importance of non-judgement of self and others for mental health issues that do not harm yourself or others. Let this post serve as evidence that more work needs to be done to unlock the presence of this gift and decriminalize the conductor of such metaphysical psychic frequencies to help us better understand the world around us and when God is communicating a very essential message.

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