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Basking in His Glory

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Discovering My True Purpose & Escaping Pitfalls

What happens when you discover your true purpose?

A releasing of a river of tears flows. If one has ever experienced catching the Holy Ghost, then you know that a draining almost hysterical experience ensues at the moment you uncover what you were made in God's Image to do. For me, a spiritual based practice or career is the realization that surfaced. So, I just wanna take this moment to share the result of that discovery.


I will begin this entry with sharing a prayer that I prayed every week at the onset of my journey to self-discovery in Spring 2021. The following prayer helped me align my actions with thoughts to begin a movement and design a world in which God is evident, pleased and ready to provide solutions to a generational battle: invigorating internal and external environments in underserved communities, i.e. every inner city hood in America's popular cities.


Heavenly Mother-Father-God I come to you in a most humble spirit asking for your Divine Guidance and Light. God, I thank you for your steadfast Love, Mercy, & Grace. Thank you, God, for allowing me to awake and the opportunity to serve humanity. God, you have been working on me and guiding me consistently. God thank you for all my experiences: the perceived good and perceived bad. You, your guidance, and my good intentions have been a constant in these past 12 years. God, thank you for giving me a purpose that is devoted to You, Your Will, and purpose for my life.

Gratitude in Prayer

Oh God, only you know the countless tribulations I have endured in my past and the path that lies ahead.

There are too many infractions to tell. What a blessing it is to hear the jingle bells.

My mind, body, and spirit are full from the magnitude and magnificence of your Heavenly Love and Grace.

It is an everlasting love sufficient for us all. What a blessing to be divinely protected and supported.

You provide 24/7 protection for all our days. Thank you for the medical bills (100% forgiven), our union full of a positive wholesome Love, and a twin flame love that you have selected and are prepping me for.

For True Love is God’s Love and God’s Love is True Love. You are a living God watching, guiding & protecting our every step. Oh what an amazing God simply full of Grace to stomp out fear and hate. Wiping out all demons & negative forces. Clearing a path so I can walk upright, just, fair, and free to be me. Thank you for your love, acceptance, and forgiveness. There is something so amazing and restoring in the healing Power of Jesus.

I encourage everyone to use this prayer if feeling lost, conflicted, misguided, distracted or hopeless. Let this prayer fill your heart with expectance of many just rewards coming forth from your Heavenly Creator. God Bless you and I cannot wait to help you all transform your lives. -Alexandria Rene Smith

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