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MATTHEW 19 (Tree of Life TLV)

This Bible verse made me reflect on the true nature of God. The verse restores my faith in twin flame love, holy covenants, destiny, and the life purpose attached to the soul. It also made me think of the phenomenon that is Bennifer 2.0. It is true that some things in life are just meant to be. Destiny and fate are real concepts and a testament to the Power of God and what has been placed in your soul to attract your soulmate. Only God can create a powerful love so strong that after 20 years of separation, it can pick up right where it ended. That truly shows that when a love has been ordained by God to occur, it happens, and time and circumstance only becomes constructs to make the event occur.

Time and circumstance are malleable according to God’s use for it in your life. This helps me wait for the love of my life with unshakeable faith. But meanwhile, it has been placed on my heart to date. I am very new to dating. I would say that I have never truly had a healthy relationship or union. The courtships that I have been involved with have grown into a relationship or something close to love, but not one of them were blessed from the start to grow into a magnetic, beautiful, divine love. In conclusion, I am so excited to embark on the journey of waiting for true love. Dating should be fun and exciting. Meeting someone authentic, new and hoping for the best is a wonderful gift. One should not date if these elements are not present. So I am waiting for the best of God's creations to fully restore my mind and heart to the goodness that exist within men and people in general.

Back to the Bible verse, there were some eye-opening verses that stuck out to me. Like when Jesus said that whoever divorces his wife except for sexual immorality and marries another commits adultery. I’ve never heard adultery defined like this. This means that if a man or woman were to divorce the one that God ordained for him/her to make a covenant with, then a sinful act would have taken place. But I believe that a covenant that was never meant to exist that was not blessed by God, to divorce would not be sinful because the marriage from the beginning was never destined by God. So, in truth, we need to be careful who we share our bodies and hearts with and esp. who we vow to love forever. We must consult God and the Angels as to who is healthy and destined for us to connect and share our lives with. It is for our sanity, the health of future babies, and the sanity of the world that our unions are blessed by God.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my perspective. May this find you well and willing to implement the truths laid forth from this chapter MATTHEW 19. May the rest of your day be blessed and beautiful. Amen. And God, we thank you for our growing faith. In Christ Yeshua we pray. Amen Amen.

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